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6825 Parkdale Place Ste A, Indianapolis, IN 46254, (317) 293-7171

Periodontal maintenance, which is different from a cleaning at your dentist office, is most commonly utilized for patients who have periodontitis. Periodontal maintenance is an ongoing treatment for this issue, which is a chronic and non-curable bacterial infection. The objective of having these appointments with a periodontist is to keep the disease under control.

Your maintenance visit may include:

  • Discussing any changes in your health history
  • Examining your mouth tissues for abnormal changes
  • Measuring the depth of pockets around the teeth
  • Assessing your oral hygiene habits and providing instruction
  • Cleaning your teeth to remove bacterial plaque and calculus
  • Taking necessary x-rays to evaluate the teeth and the bone supporting the teeth
  • Examining your teeth for decay and other dental problems
  • Checking the way your teeth fit together when you bite
  • Applying or prescribing medications to reduce tooth sensitivity or other problems

Your dentist and periodontist work together as a team to provide you with the best possible care. They will combine their experience to create the best maintenance plan for you and your oral care needs. Both your dentist and your periodontist will keep each other informed about your progress and will sometimes alternate maintenance appointments to help keep your periodontal needs under control.

Note: Periodontal maintenance appointments are not meant to take the place of regular dental check-ups.